The University of Alabama values and supports a robust process of institutional effectiveness as a tool to enhance innovation, student learning, service, and stewardship.

Institutional effectiveness is defined as a set of ongoing, regular, and intentional processes which are undertaken with the purpose of improving and assuring the quality of the University at all levels through:

  • planning and goal setting,
  • identification of outcomes, measurements, and expectations, and
  • evaluation, analysis, and use of data to inform decision-making.

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness advises all academic and non-academic units across campus on program approval and review, accreditation issues and all assessment activities.

Link to Survey

2017 OIE Satisfaction Survey

As a part of its ongoing quality improvement efforts, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness seeks your feedback on how well OIE staff are assisting you with the service responsibilities assigned to this office.
Thank you for your time and thoughtful responses. Please complete by August 31.